Semi carrying 21 tons of meat gets stuck in Kirksville

Photo by John Garlock

A tractor-trailer driver in Kirksville found himself in a predicament late Tuesday afternoon.

He was trying to get gas, but he told KTVO he made a wrong turn.

Then, he turned too sharply as he was trying to get to the gas station.

The back wheels of his trailer left the pavement and sank deeply into the saturated ditch in front of the Auto Plaza Collision Center on North Baltimore Street.

That caused the whole unit to tip toward the ditch and raised the wheels of the tractor four to five feet off the pavement.

Most of the rig was sticking out into Baltimore Street blocking traffic.

This all happened around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Kirksville Police Department and Adair County Sheriff's Office blocked off that section of the street and rerouted traffic while two tow trucks were brought in to get the big rig back on all wheels.

The wheels on the back corner of the trailer were buried so deeply in the mud you could barely see the top of the tires.

The driver from Kansas City told us he was hauling 42,000 pounds of meat he had just picked up at the Adair Foods plant.

The meat was not damaged because the engine was left running to keep the trailerĂ¢??s refrigeration system operating.

Uprighting the truck was very uneventful as the tow trucks used a big strap, cables and hydraulics to slowly get the tractor-trailer back on its wheels.

The section of Baltimore Street was closed for two hours and 15 minutes.

Traffic was flowing again at 7:45 p.m.