Sen. Claire McCaskill makes her case during campaign stop in Kirksville

It was standing room only as the Adair County Democrats celebrated the opening of their new campaign office. It was topped off by a visit from Senator Claire McCaskill (D), who is fighting for re-election. She faces Republican Congressman Todd Akin, in what some are calling one of the toughest senatorial contests in the nation.

During the campaign stop, McCaskill told the crowd about her vote in favor of the Farm Bill, which involves a major cut to the food assistance program and converting direct payments into a crop insurance program. McCaskill said the Senate's version will cut $23 billion from the national deficit.

The bill is currently stalled in the House. McCaskill's opponent is one of the congressmen that's against bringing the bill to a vote because he's against the federal government being involved in the school lunch program, which is covered under the Farm Bill. McCaskill said legislators have until the end of September to pass the Farm Bill and she hopes the House will bring it to a vote. If not, she said they will have to do stand alone disaster relief legislation.

While talking to the crowd, McCaskill wasted no time in reiterating Akin's plans to privatize Medicare, privatize social security, abolish the minimum wage, and get rid of federal student loans.

In terms of her own plans for what she'll do if re-elected, said she is on the team for the middle class. She supports the Affordable Care Act and said she is against Missouri opting out of the expansion of Medicaid. She also emphasized that she has never taken an earmark.

McCaskill said SuperPACS are spending 13 million dollars on attack ads against her. She said it's time for campaign finance reform.

"What these guys are trying to do is hold on to Washington so they get another tax cut, so they get more goodies in the tax code," said Senator Claire McCaskill, (D) - Missouri.

"People that have a small business right over there, they're paying 35 percent on their taxes whereas these big corporations that are trying to buy these elections are paying zero taxes, zero taxes. That's just fundamentally unfair."

Saturday's stop in Kirksville concluded McCaskill's six day tour across the state. Before she left, she told the crowd she supported Rebecca McClanahan, who is running for Missouri's 3rd District State Representative seat. Also in attendance during the event were Larry Logston, who is running for Adair County Sheriff, and Kyle Yarber, who is running for Missouri's 6th Congressional district seat.

Here's a link to clips from her visit in Kirksville.

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