Sen. McCaskill talks with Truman students

Senator Claire McCaskill, (D) - Missouri speaks on the campus on Truman State 9-5-12

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) made her way to Truman State University's campus Wednesday as she continued her "On Our Campus, On Our Side" statewide listening tour.

She was in Kirksville to discuss the differences in views she and her opponent, U.S. Representative Todd Akin, have on affordable college education.

McCaskill said she has been on the side of Missouri students and families, supporting pell grants and federal student loans.

Her take-home message for the students in attendance Wednesday was that her opponent would make it difficult for the majority of kids to attend college.

"No pell grants, no more federally backed student loans: that's really going to change the America we know and love. That means rich kids and obviously for a community like Kirksville and a campus like Truman that would have dramatic consequences," said McCaskill.

Wednesday was day two of McCaskill's four-day college tour. After she wrapped up at Truman, she headed off to talk to students on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville.