Senator Blunt listens to community concerns

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri paid a visit to a Heartland farm Wednesday afternoon.

Blunt met with members of the community at Jackson Farm just outside of La Plata. Senator Blunt held an intimate meeting with community members to listen to and address different concerns that they had. Some of those issues dealt with the Environmental Protection Agency.

"The things I'm concerned about is just the excessive regulation the government has been pursuing in particularly the EPA on energy and utility issues, the EPA on water issues and how that effects the potential of our whole state," said Senator Roy Blunt.

Blunt listened to issues that those community members shared, and expressed his concerns at attempting to fix them. That process starts with challenging the regulations that are currently in place.

"There are plenty of other ways to deal with this and so challenging those regulations is an important thing," added Senator Blunt.

Those regulations are intended to cut down on carbon emissions. However, the regulations will come at a hefty price to consumers who will now have to cover the costs imposed on the energy companies with higher utility bills. The EPA itself estimates that these regulations will cause utility prices to rise dramatically over the next six years. Community members that met with the senator appreciate his concern when it comes to these issues.

"Well, it's a grassroots deal for Senator Blunt, and he really knows how people feel on the local level, there's a couple real issues out there," said Kevin Wheeler of Tri-County Electric Cooperative.

Senator Blunt plans to continue traveling across the Show-Me-State and meeting with concerned citizens. Senator Blunt plans to be in attendance at the Missouri State Fair Thursday afternoon to speak with Show-Me-State residents.