Senator Blunt talks mental health in the Heartland

Republican Senator Roy Blunt made a stop at Preferred Family Healthcare in Kirksville Thursday morning to discuss ways for Missouri to improve behavioral health treatment.

He spoke with several community leaders on the areaâ??s biggest issues.

New advancements in the treatment will be available to all Americans, including members of the military, veterans and families.

During his visit, Senator Blunt sat down with those who receive mental health treatment at Preferred Family Healthcare to hear what they had to say.

Now, studies show that one out of four adult Americans have diagnosable and treatable behavioral health issues.

Currently, mental and physical health are dealt with separately.

Senator Blunt hopes to eventually combine treatment. This will in return, save money.

â??Weâ??ve got a moment here that we should take advantage of, we are taking advantage of, and if we do take advantage of it, itâ??ll make a big difference in how people live their lives and will make a big difference in how their families are also able to live their lives,â?? said Senator Blunt.

Up next, Senator Blunt will continue his effort of trying to get more people more care by treating mental health problems the same as other health problems.