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      Senator Blunt visits the Heartland

      Republican U.S. Senator Roy Blunt made his way back to his home state of Missouri.

      Senator Blunt visited nine counties on his Missouri tour and we went to Memphis, in Scotland County where Blunt talked with small business owners and residents in the area in an open forum.

      Some topics dicussed included healthcare, gun issues, and the North Korea threat on the United States.

      Senator Blunt tells us small businesses plays a major role in getting our economy running.

      "I think these small businesses all benefit from certainty," said Senator Blunt. "You know more certainty about the utility bill and our energy future if the government will help create that certainty. Certainly permanent tax policies that we're no longer saying well the current tax laws could go away in a couple years, it's a big deal to have the tax law now , to only be changed if the House, the Senate and the President decide to change it."

      Senator Blunt also addressed tax policies and economic energy. Residents and business owners posed the question of Iowa Senator Harkin's retirement, and Blunt responded by saying they very seldom vote the same in Washington.