Senator Roy Blunt shares thoughts on ISIS Movement

The ISIS Movement is continuing to grow in the Middle East and Europe.

That terrorist group targets minority groups in Iraq. The Christian community in Gaza has diminished after being persecuted by ISIS members.

Senator Roy Blunt says that the United States needs to do everything in its power to put an end to this movement.

He also says that it is a danger because Americans are involved, and they can come into the US and leave as they please, because they have yet to be identified.

"It's a huge danger to us because not only is it the most aggressive, most obvious, well funded terrorist organization in history, but it's also located right at the edge of Europe," said United States Senator Roy Blunt.

ISIS grew out of the remnants of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Airstrikes attempting to put an end to ISIS currently continue over Iraq and will also be launched over Syrian Territory.