Seneca Area on Aging to get a new name, merge with other agencies

Because of a mandate from the Iowa legislature, the state's Areas on Aging will be merging from 13 to six.

The Seneca Area on Aging will be getting a new name come next year. The reason, the Iowa legislature put forth a mandate, reorganizing the department from 13 regions into six.

The organization that serves southeast Iowa, Seneca Area on Aging, will be merging with two other agencies, one from the quad cities, the other from Burlington; all to help provide seniors with better care and resources.

â??The new service plan area will be called, Milestones Area on Aging. One of the things that the Director on Aging in Des Moines, Donna Harvey, wanted was more consistency between all the Areas on Aging. There will only be six as of July 1, 2013; and they will have more of a harmony of the programs that they will be offering, so it makes no difference where you go in Iowa. All of the Agencies on Aging will have the same programs to offer,â?? said Joan Nydle with Seneca Area on Aging.

Nydle added that seniors that use the services provided by Seneca will not see any difference except for the name change.