Seniors and caregivers learn 'retirement isn't what it used to be'

The Seneca Area Agency on Aging's booth at the forum for seniors at Honey Creek Resort in Moravia.

The Seneca Area Agency on Aging, the Iowa Insurance Division and the Iowa Department on Aging hosted their annual senior forum at Honey Creek Resort in Moravia Monday.

This year's forum theme was "Retirement... isn't what it used to be". Several sessions were presented throughout the morning and afternoon, giving information to seniors and caregivers alike about how to avoid financial fraud, changes in Medicare and elder rights and protection.

The forum was attended by 200 people; a mix of seniors, caregivers and those about to become caregivers.

"People that are here are caregivers, they could be preparing to be caregivers, a lot of people are caregivers and don't realize they're a caregiver," said Connie Holland, Executive Director of Seneca Area Agency on Aging. "So it provides them with a place to go and seek information when they have issues, when they have issues and want to find information to help them, maybe keep that person at home to make their care giving duties simpler or easier and a place to ask questions when they need to find resources."

Holland said the senior forum has been going on for about 16 years, and this year was the third being hosted at Honey Creek.

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