Sequester could reduce funding for public health departments

Picture of Macon County Health Department building

The sequestration in Washington D.C. could affect low income housing tax credits. It could also affect public health departments. If state funding does not compensate for cuts in national spending, many programs will lose some funding if not lose their funding all together. Programs like school health programs, car seat programs, injury prevention programs, health education programs, nutrition programs, environmental programs, child care centers inspection programs, emergency preparedness programs, natural and man made disasters recovery programs, environmental health programs, and vaccination programs could see cuts.

â??We have already had some cuts in childhood vaccines, so if we don't get kids immunized, and they can't go anywhere else we are going to have those diseases like mumps and measles and tetanus is not curable if you get exposed to tetanus so those vaccines are critical and then that is going to affect people in their jobs because they give that disease to their parents. It's going to affect schools they have to stay out so many weeks after they have one. So vaccine programs are critical,â?? said Judy Rushton administrator at Macon County Health Department.

We'll have a better idea of what cuts we experience when the Missouri budget is approved later this year and we'll keep you up to date. If you would like to voice your concerns to state representatives and senators, please click the links below.