Series of fires in Macon County keeps crews busy

Crews in Macon County have been busy battling a string of grass and hay bale fires this week.

Firefighters from La Plata and Atlanta responded to a report of a hay bale fire just after 5:00 Saturday morning. Crews from Macon and Adair County Rural fire were also on hand to assist.

The fire occurred about five miles south of La Plata, off Old Highway 63.

After several hours firefighters were able to contain the flames and move many bales out of the way, but approximately 100 bales were consumed in the blaze.

Now crews are questioning the cause of the fire.

This is the ninth incident firefighters have responded to since last Friday. The Atlanta Fire Chief tells us they believe several of the fires may be related, but they are still investigating.

If you have any information regarding this recent string of fires, you're asked to contact the Macon County Sheriff's Department at (660)-385-2062.