Several guns stolen in recent car break ins

Since July 22, Kirksville Police say nearly a half a dozen guns have been stolen from vehicles.

The first theft was reported July 22, around Sunday morning on Meadowbrook Road. The victim said hundreds of dollars along with a Remington rifle, 9 millimeter handgun, and Jennings 22 pistol were stolen from his vehicle. Police said a window was down when the items were taken.

The second theft was reported Tuesday morning on the 1900 block of E. McPherson Street. Police said the victim left a pellet rifle in the front seat of his pickup and the thief broke the windows to steal the pellet rifle.

The third theft was reported Thursday morning in the College Park neighborhood. The victim told police someone broke into his car overnight and stole his Kel-Tec .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

Kirksville Deputy Chief Tim King said the cases are under investigation.

"Could they be related, yes they could be. Could they be unrelated-yes they could be," said King.

"At this point, we just don't know. So, as we continue to investigate it, if we can link it together, then we obviously will do that. But we don't know if it's one person doing it or if it's several people and they see it as an opportunity to get into a vehicle and they do just that."

King said car break-ins are not uncommon in Kirksville. He advises residents to lock their doors, place valuables in the trunk, or take them into the house overnight.