Severe weather damages Hedrick

The severe weather that passed through Southeast, Iowa Saturday night has left residents of Hedrick cleaning up fallen debris and for some, rebuilding their homes.

It was just after 9 p.m. when the Hedrick Fire Department was paged by Keokuk County to watch for a possible storm that was in the area. That is when firefighters got to the edge of town and experienced heavy winds and large hail.

â??Tried to sound the alarm and the power was down here in town so we weren't able to do that. So we went around town with our trucks and sounded the alarm, sounded the whistles,â?? says Steve Copeland, Hedrick Fire Chief.

The Hedrick community came together Sunday and helped one another with the cleanup of debris and fallen trees.

Brian Kopp and his son Zach managed to evacuate their house and took cover in a basement of a house down the street. However, their house was not as lucky.

â??That is our storage shed that I have all my stuff in, or was. And that is my garage, my parentsâ?? garage, and it has my car in it which is about this big now. And we had a tree stump. It was right here actually -- come from that tree over there and it came flying over and somehow landed here,â?? said Kopp.

Kopp feels extremely lucky that neither he nor his son were hurt.

Most of the damage was on the Southeast part of town. Currently, there are no injuries reported. Chief Copeland said he cannot confirm yet if it was in fact a tornado that caused all of the damage.