Sexual exploitation suspect will skip trial

Ryan Grinstead

The trial of a Bloomfield, Iowa teacher on charges of allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a female student will not take place as scheduled this week.

Ryan Grinstead was expected to be in court this morning to face a jury on a charge of sexual exploitation of a student.

However, that trial and a second trial with four additional charges including sexual abuse was scheduled to take place in April, but neither of those trials will take place now.

According to online court documents, Grinsted's attorney agreed last week to let a judge decide the case without a trial.

Records do not indicate what the judge's decision is, but a sentence hearing has been scheduled in both cases or April 29-th at 9:30 a.m. at the Davis County Courthouse.

Grinstead was arrested back in September of 2011 and charged with having a sexual relationship with a female student living in Davis County.

In October of that same year, he was arrested again, this time for a relationship with a minor female student.

Another former Davis County school employee was arrested during the same investigation.

He received a 5-year prison sentence after he was convicted last year of sexual exploitation by a school employee.


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