Sgt. Bernhardt prepares the community for active shooter occurences

Sgt. Brent Bernhardt discusses active shooter safety tips at the Macon Health Department.

With a rise in mass murder incidents across the country, Sergeant Brent Bernhardt of the Missouri State Highway Patrol made a guest appearance in Macon Wednesday night to educate the community about preventing and reacting to such tragedies.

The Macon County Community Volunteer Corp. held a training meeting at the Macon County Health Department.

Wednesday's meeting highlighted active shooter scenarios and what to do in such incidents.

Bernhardt reminded attendees to stay calm, help others and to most importantly, map out exactly what to do to keep safe.

â??Make a plan if you're in an active shooter situation and you're in a building and there's a bunch of men. We know that someone's coming down here, what are we going to do? Heâ??s kicking in this door. When he kicks in the door, Iâ??m going to hit him over the head with this shovel and you're going to tackle him and we're going to take him and we're going to do this and you formulate a plan and act as a group,â?? said Bernhardt.

For information on the next Volunteer Corp. meeting, contact the Macon County Health Department.