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      Shared-Work remains active in the Show-Me state

      There have been recent threats of losing a program that keeps 30,000 workers on the job.

      Last year, nearly 350 Missouri employers were able to avoid lay-offs using the state's Shared-Work Program, but this year, Missourians nearly lost access to that program.

      Shared-Work is a federal program administered by the Missouri Department of Labor.

      The program allows companies to reduce hours, and it allows select workers access to unemployment benefits.

      Itâ??s said to be a valuable tool for the state's business community.

      Itâ??s also said to be a win-win program for both employers and workers.

      â??The employers will not have to lay off their workers. The employees aren't laid off and are able to recoup some of their lost wages. This allows employers the ability to retain their skilled workforce and in times of economic downturn or more of a temporary decline in business,â?? said Tracy King, Missouri Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Governmental Affairs.

      The federal government required Missouri to update state statutes to continue accessing the program.

      After jumping significant legislative hurdles, the program will remain active in the Show-Me state.