Sheriff accused of taking inmates to bars heads back to court

<p>Schuyler County Sheriff Josh Dole faced a judge Monday morning. (Photo taken by John Garlock 7-10-14)</p>

The Schuyler County sheriff arrested for taking inmates to bars was back in court Monday morning.

Sheriff Josh Dole is charged with three counts of permitting escape and two charges of tampering with a witness.

Court documents state that Dole illegally removed Schuyler County inmates and took them in a private vehicle to a Knox County bar. On a different occasion, heâ??s accused of removing an inmate from the jail and taking that inmate to a bar in Sullivan County. Dole is also accused of releasing two inmates in order to do labor at his home.

The charges of witness tampering stem from allegations that Dole ordered personnel under his command to not reveal facts pertaining to this case to investigators.

Dole waived his preliminary hearing to determine if multiple felonies occurred. He was released on bond, and the judge ordered him under house arrest.

â??He was released on bond. He has to post $5,000, which is 10 percent of what the original bond was," said Adair County Prosecutor Matt Wilson. â??He was placed on strict house arrest meaning he cannot leave his residence except for court and to meet with his attorneys or any medical emergencies.â??

Dole is also under strict orders as to whom may visit him at home and is not allowed to contact any case witnesses. Dole is set to be arraigned in circuit court on Aug. 7, 2014.