Sheriff and deputies don new duds

Macon County Sheriff's Office new uniform.

Many residents know who the county sheriff is, even if theyâ??ve never met him before, because of their outfit. Many sheriffs wear that classic brown uniform. You know â?¦ the one with the dark brown stripe on the side of the pant leg. Well, that's no longer the case for the Macon County Sheriff's Office.

They have spruced up the outfit to where they have even been confused for the conservation department. Sheriff Kevin Shoemaker said the new uniforms were needed. â??I decided at the first of the year that our old uniforms were no longer suitable for the job that we do on a daily basis,â?? said Shoemaker. â??We're not necessarily what you call street cops. Weâ??re not walking downtown on concrete where out in the brush. The old polyester uniforms were no longer capable of keeping up with those conditions so I decided to change to something more duty specific for the sheriffâ??s office.â??

The sheriff said the office paid for the new outfits with its uniform allowance. Shoemaker told KTVO these uniforms were cheaper than the old ones.