Sheriff Hardwick appointed to MoSMART

Adair County Sheriff Bob Hardwick

Adair County Sheriff Bob Hardwick was recently appointed to join the Missouri Sheriff Methamphetamine Relief Taskforce or MoSMART. This group is composed of five sitting sheriffs from around the state of Missouri who will all serve two year terms.

Part of their duties deal with allocating money for different sheriffâ??s offices around the state of Missouri. They will also have another fund to combat meth distribution and production. With the oversight that MoSMART will have over all these funds, their biggest responsibility will be to find the most cost effective way to spend the money to help sheriffâ??s offices around the state and Sheriff Hardwick has a great track record of that here in Adair county.

â??Well we have done a lot of progressive improvements here in regards to finger printing. We've upgraded the operations of the inmates camera system in the jail area and we're always looking for ways to improve, but on the same token make sure that they're cost effective ways and they as a result of being cost effective, that you're able to move in a progressive way through law enforcement because it changes all the time,â?? said Sheriff Hardwick.

Meetings have already been scheduled and Sheriff Hardwick will be on the taskforce within a month.