Sheriff warns drivers over holiday weekend, don't drink and drive

The Wapello County Sheriff's Office wants to remind drivers that they will be stepping up patrol over the New Year's Holiday.

With the extended holiday weekend as well as several bowl games on television, law enforcement officers want to remind everyone not to drink and drive.

"Fortunately a lot of times I have found in the past, and I think the department has experienced this, is that people do try to be a little more responsible; I think on major holidays like this, when everyone is expected to party. But we are going to have plenty of staff out and we are going to be looking for indicators of drunk drivers and make the case that, if they have to, and I mean there are going to be people out that think the can make it, and that is a bad decision. It just makes so much sense to plan for your celebrations, and you know have a plan; have a designated driver," said Sheriff Mark Miller of Wapello County.

Sheriff Miller added that if you do not have a designated driver, you can call a cab in Ottumwa and in the surrounding communities if needed.