Sheriff's office splits with task force

Adair county commissioners met with local law enforcement agencies Monday. The meeting concluded with the sheriff's office separating from the North Missouri Drug Task Force. The sheriff's office will now use resources from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

â??The way law enforcement used to do things years ago doesn't necessarily work today, so we have to take a pro active approach and use modern techniques and modern abilities to take care of the situation at hand. Currently the situation with the North Missouri Drug Task force we're looking for other ways to do it outside their normal realm of operating,â?? said Sheriff Robert Hardwick.

â??I'd like to express my gratitude to the Adair county commission for being with us for the 15 years. We will continue to serve the viewing area the heartland. We will still continue to provide any information that we get to Adair county in hopes that it will benefit them and in solving cases,â?? said Chris Brown.

The North Missouri Drug Task Force will continue operations in surrounding areas of the Heartland.