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      Shoe ministry helping kids one step at a time

      A Heartland organization is making a difference one step at at time.

      Shoes from the Heart is an organization and ministry founded back in 2012, providing a basic need we cannot live without: shoes.

      Friday afternoon there were three kids at the Macon Head Start who were able to wear new shoes.

      Co-founder Donnie and his wife tells me their mission is to serve the children and their families in the community during their time of need.

      Donnie Bonuchi, Co-founder of Shoes from the Heart, says it's all about the kids.

      "The first time you see the kids put on a pair of brand new shoes, that have never ever owned," Bonuchi said. "So many people take for granted that they go out and buy a new pair of Nikes or whatever, these kids have never had any type of new shoes, they've had hand-me-downs all their life and to see them put it on and to see them run around and say look how high I can jump and everything, that's that there is the reward, right there."

      The organization's first project provided 65 pairs of shoes to children in Macon County. Since then they've provided more than 500 pairs of shoes for children in Macon, Randolph, Shelby, and Adair Counties and they're still growing.

      If you would like to help or are in need for shoes CLICK HERE