Shooting survivor shares his story

The survivor of a 2005 shooting is sharing his story following this week's sentencing of the husband-wife duo behind the crime.

Larry Staggs of Unionville was shot in the upper left arm, just inches from his heart, by Thomas Mitchell of Unionville.

Mitchell and his wife, Anna, were sentenced this week to 13 years and 12 years in prison, respectively, on charges of first-degree assault and tampering with evidence.

At the time of the crime, Anna Mitchell was Larry Staggs' longtime girlfriend.

She was having an affair with Thomas Mitchell, and Staggs said the two of them cooked up a plan to kill him.

Staggs claims they wanted to try and claim his $500,000 life insurance policy.

Thomas Mitchell used Staggs' high-powered rifle in the shooting.

Staggs told KTVO the only reason the bullet missed his heart is because he had never been able to get the scope sighted in right.

It's a good thing I never had it set or I'd have been dead today, and they wouldn't have been facing prison time, they'd have been facing the death sentence. So, they ought to thank me for not having it set," said Staggs.

Staggs said his left arm is not fully functional, but he is able to use it.