Shopping last minute for Superbowl Sunday

Tomorrow is the biggest game of the year and supermarkets across the Heartland want to make sure you are Superbowl ready.

The Kirksville Hy-Vee shoppers were busy stocking up on Superbowl party items.

The hot items on everyone's list were chips, dips, pizza, nut mixes, wings, soda, and beer.

If you thought today was busy at the market, it will be packed early tomorrow.

"Tomorrow afternoon will be a crazy one till game time, which is like 5:30. So up till about 5:20, customers are in here getting their supplies. Once the game starts, it's pretty slow," Manager of Store Operations at Kirksville Hy-vee Brian Manyx said.

Food platters and trays such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables are also hot items people buy for their Superbowl parties.

For supermarket retailers, this weekend is the second busiest weekend of the year.