Shopping small to help local economy

After the craziness of Black Friday, residents went to local stores Saturday to support locally owned businesses as part of Shop Small Business Saturday. In Kirksville, the community was invited to shop small at favorite local stores, restaurants and businesses to help support and boost the local economy. At a few stores across the downtown square, it was good crowds and business.

"I think the idea behind Small Business Saturday is a really good one. It's the beginning of the shopping season," said Bryan Collier, owner of Gardner-Collier Jewelry.

"Itâ??s important because it gives the local economy a boost and the tax revenue. The local businesses can stay in business and helps everyone, downtown, and the community," said Keith Jackson, owner of Blink of an Eye.

Just like Black Friday, many merchants on Shop Small Business Saturday offered special sales and discounts.

"Itâ??s been very good. It's been a busy morning selling diamonds and watches," Collier said.

"Itâ??s been a brisk day sales wise. We appreciate that people remembered the local businesses," Jackson said.

With the success of Shop Small Business Saturday, many business owners are hoping that this is just the start of a great holiday shopping season ahead as shoppers head out to find that personal and special gift for family and friends.

"We are very encouraged. Unemployment has dropped. House building has gone up. I think the outlook is very good," Collier said.

"Itâ??s been wonderful. Everyone has been so nice and kind. Everyone is in good spirits. It's been great," Jackson said.

Local businesses will be having extended hours from now until Christmas. Many will also be open on Sundays.