Should Salvation Army bell-ringers take debit cards?

Is carrying your debit card in place of cash the reason you can't donate to the Salvation Army this holiday season?

Many people use debit cards in place of cash, but the Kirksville Salvation Army is only accepting cash at the kettles.

With smart phone swipe apps and portable swipe extensions being popular in small business transactions, many are wondering why the Salvation Army hasn't accommodated customers with these devices.

Bell-ringers will be in front of the Wal-Mart on Baltimore St. this December, however, Lt. Brian Bump says, "There will be no debit card swipes."

â??At the kettle sites, technically, we're really not going to implement the debit card machines because of the costs that involves, but if someone wants to make credit card donations, they can do it at our thrift store,â?? says Bump.

The Salvation Army will host their â??Stuff the Truckâ?? campaign every weekend in December. Donations, toys and other items are welcomed.