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      Show your tiger pride while helping a local team

      The Kirksville High School Girls Basketball Team is once again helping Kirksville residents show their tiger pride, and team members are raising money at the same time.

      For the third year in a row, the team is back with its annual Tiger Paws Fundraiser.

      The girls will paint orange tiger paws on people's driveways to help raise funds for the team and its expenses throughout the season, including equipment and uniforms.

      Team members say this fundraiser has always been successful thanks to community support.

      "A lot of people enjoy watching us paint them. It's a pretty interesting experience. You know they are tiger fans if you see a bright orange paw on their driveway," said Girls Basketball Team Co-Captain Faith Jones.

      "People really like to show their support for the team. When you drive past the driveways, you know what they're fans because you see the tiger paws on their driveways." said Girls Basketball Team Co-Captain Arabelle Reed.

      It will cost $25 for one tiger paw or $40 to have two paws painted on your driveway.

      For more information on the fundraiser, click here.