Sieda provides A/C for those in need

Air conditioning units available for those who qualify provided by Seida Community Action (KTVO)

While this summer started off on a cooler note, temperatures have spiked over the last week into the mid 90’s.

For most, that means seeking shelter in air conditioned buildings during the day to ride out the oppressive heat and humidity.

But not everyone has immediate access to air conditioning, and that’s where Sieda Community Action is stepping in to help.

Sieda has recently acquired a limited number of air conditioning units for at risk residents.

To qualify, applicants must have a documented medical condition and be income eligible.

Housing stabilization director Ned Van Nostrand says the A/C units arrived just in time.

“We were fortunate enough to have some funds available this year to make it happen, and with the weather conditions that we’ve been having, it’s a good thing we had some available,” Van Nostrand said.

Von Nostrand told KTVO that only a limited number of A/C units have yet to be claimed.

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