Siegel officially files paperwork for Iowa Senate bid

Wapello County Democrat Steve Siegel officially filed paperwork to run for Iowa Senate in District 41.

Since kicking off his campaign in September, Siegel has been door-knocking and having discussions with the people of the district. Siegel said issues of concern include taking stronger steps to ensure clean drinking water for Iowa and raising wages.

Funding for mental health is also an important issue, especially after the redesign required by the state forced counties to change the way the system works.

With 18 years experience as a county supervisor, Siegel has seen how action taken by the state can complicate business on a local level.

"That's something else I'd like to see is the state back off and let the cities and counties do their thing," Siegel said. "I think the state can tell its local governments what they want done, but let the cities and counties figure out how they want to do it and not control their taxes so closely."

If Siegel advances past fellow Democrat Tom Rubel in the primary, he could face incumbent Senator Mark Chelgren in November. Chelgren announced Friday that he will seek a second term as senator. He was first elected in 2010.