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      Silver Haired Legislature to address needs of seniors

      The nominations are in. The Northeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging have selected five Kirksville residents for the silver haired legislature.

      Five individuals will be heading to Jefferson City in October for the 3-day model legislature, to address proposals they will work toward enacting into law. This year there were no elections in the Northeast region because there was no competition.

      The Silver Haired Legislature is an advocacy group formed back in 1973.

      â??Actually Missouri is the first state to form a silver haired legislature,â?? said Pan Windtberg, director of Northeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging. â??When they do there are issues that are important for seniors and we meet in June to come up with proposals and those will be submitted to the state silver haired board.â??

      Windtberg says the board has been very successful over the years. The circuit breaker law and elder abuse law were enacted since the Silver Haired Legislature formed.

      There are five area residents from the Kirksville area serving as representatives and senators for the legislature: Dollene Sanders, Bill Sanders, Ruby Dunbar, Twyla Anderson and Jackie Settlage.

      They will be meeting in June to discuss potential proposals for seniors.