Simon Estes using his voice to fight malaria

Opera Singer, Simon Estes

Iowa-born opera singer Simon Estes has spent a career traveling the world singing and now is lending his voice to help end child deaths caused by malaria in Africa.

The Des Moines Register reports that Centerville native Estes has invited every student in Iowa from kindergarten to 12th grade to sell at least three copies of his latest CD, "Save the Children, Save Their Lives."

He'll donate $4 from each $15 purchase to the students' schools and another $5 to the nonprofit Nothing But Nets campaign, which buys mosquito nets and sends them to the poorest areas of Africa.

Estes says he learned in 2010 from the World Health Organization that malaria kills a child every 60 seconds in sub-Saharan Africa. Nets treated with insecticide ward off the insects.