Six homes to be demolished in Kirksville

The Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission held a special meeting Wednesday evening.

At that meeting, the commission approved the demolition of six homes within the city. All of the homes that are to be demolished are considered eyesores in the community.

"Well many of these properties are eyesores and I'm glad we got rid of most of these properties today, and we just want to get rid of the stuff people are not living in and not being maintained," said Brad Selby, of the Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission.

Two of the homes approved for demolition were can be found on a historic survey. Those homes were on the survey due to unique architecture. However, due to not being maintained, those homes have become rundown. New single or multi-family homes are expected to be built on the vacant lots when demolition takes place. Originally, seven homes were on the list for the Commission to review for demolition. One house is pending review from the Commission. They will decide the fate of that home next Tuesday.

The homes approved for demolition include:

  • 911 E. Normal Street

  • 609 & 611 W. Hickory Streets

  • 717 E. Washington Street

  • 100 & 102 W. Mary Street

*909 E. Harrison Street pending review from the Commission