Slick roadways

The winter season is fast approaching, and with snow falling in the area, motorists need to be extra cautious on the roadways.

The keys to safe driving are planning ahead and patience. Motorists need to make sure their vehicle tires are in good condition and antifreeze levels are at the proper levels.

All snow, ice and frost must be removed from all the windows on the vehicle so motorists can adequately see out of them. Prior to any trips make sure the vehicle is warmed up and the defrosters are working properly.

Missouri State Highway Patrol, Sergeant Brent Bernhardt said, "Most of the traffic crashes that we see during this time of year that are snow and ice related are caused by drivers who are just driving too fast. Recognize that your stopping distance is going to increase and you're going to have to allow extra time for braking."

Motorists need to pay attention to the braking system within their vehicle. Anti-lock brakes allow you to apply full braking power, but will prevent your wheels from locking up. Motorists who have manual brakes need to pump their brakes when coming to a stop.

All motorists need drive at much slower speeds and keep a safe distance between vehicles when wintry precipitation is falling on the roadways.