Small business grants available in Macon County

New loans to help small business owners in Macon County are now available for 2014.

The Macon County Economic Development Center and the Land Fill Fee Fund have loans available for those wanting to start a small business, or for those that already own a small business and need extra help. Five $25,000 loans are available on a first come first serve basis. The Economic Development Center will evaluate the applications with the Land Fill Fund Committee in order to choose which small businesses will receive the loans.

"Often times, money is not available for smaller businesses and retail businesses. There's programs state wide for manufactures and large businesses but not really for small businesses, so you know, our community wanted something where we could benefit the small business man," said Denise Bennett, Macon County Economic Development Director.

Those interested in applying for small business loans are encouraged to contact the Macon County Economic Development Center at (660)385-5627.