Smoke alarms installed at no cost for Wapello County residents

Firefighters installing a smoke alarm at a residence on Wednesday

In an effort to protect the community, the American Red Cross teamed up with the Ottumwa and Wapello County Rural Fire Departments and the United Way to install smoke alarms at no cost in homes that did not already have one or were in need of a replacement.

More than 60 volunteers helped in this effort. They made it to seven mobile home parks in Ottumwa and Wapello County.

All of the newly installed smoke alarms have a ten-year battery life.

The recipients told KTVO that they were very thankful to recieve the alarms.

â??We installed approximately 300 in approximately 585 homes and we still have approximately 125 left. But we have left information on homes that we weren't able to contact anybody that have a number on them to call the fire department and they will come over and install them for free,â?? said Julie Smithart, AmeriCorps member assigned to American Red Cross.

â??It is nice. Unexpected. Yes, it's very nice,â?? said Fran Remmark, recipient of a smoke alarm.

The Legacy Foundation made it possible for the smoke alarms to be installed at no cost.