Snow and rain turns into flooding

The on-going active weather pattern the Heartland has faced over the past month is causing flooding concerns for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The warmer temperatures that have melted the snow we had on the ground, plus the over two inches of rainfall we had over the weekend, and the already saturated ground have been a little too much for some streams and rivers in northeast and central Missouri, causing water to rise over some low-lying roads.

MoDOT has had to close more than a dozen roads due to flooding, including Route DD near Macon and Route J near Atlanta.

MoDOT has this advice for you.

"We never want motorists to travel through a flooded road. Always go an alternate route because it is very dangerous to travel through a flooded covered road. We want motorists to turn around, do not try to go through, and travel safely," said Marisa Christy-Kerns of MoDOT's Northeast District Office.

Crews are closely monitoring the water levels in the closed areas and are hoping to reopen roads as soon as possible.

MoDOT has a road conditions map on its website.

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