Snow Emergency Ordinance lifted in Ottumwa

The City of Ottumwa Snow Emergency will be lifted, effective at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, January 31. Parking in the City will return to the regular, posted regulations at that time. The City appreciates the publicâ??s cooperation and patience with the ongoing snow removal operation and regrets any inconvenience caused by the process.

As everyone begins clearing the snow away, all residents are asked to avoid placing the snow from driveways on the street, or plowing snow from driveways and depositing it on the right-of-way across the street. By City Code, persons removing snow and/or ice from private property and depositing it on any public street, alley or sidewalk is subject to a citation.

Also remember, privately owned, residential and commercial property owners are responsible and bear the liability for the maintenance of sidewalks adjacent their private property. Property owners should clear their sidewalks as soon as possible. Snow and ice should be removed from the full width of the sidewalk to allow people of all ages and physical conditions to use the walkway.