Snow hasn't slowed grocery sales

Shoppers stocked up on hot items including chips, pop and, surprisingly, cheese.

The winter weather couldn't stop shoppers from getting to their groceries this weekend.

Employees at the Hy-Vee in Kirksville have been very busy the past few days helping shoppers stock-up on the staples they need to ride out this latest winter storm.

And on top of that, the year's biggest football game is Sunday, so several sports fans braved the snow Saturday morning to get all the game day essentials.

Kirksville Hy-vee's Store Director Jeff Suchomel says the hot items this year have been chips, pop and, surprisingly, cheese, but they haven't had any issues keeping shelves stocked.

If the winter weather persists and we get even more snow, that may change.

"Luckily there havenâ??t been any shipment delays or anything yet, but um a bigger stormâ??s coming later in the week, so that might be the one, but so far everyone's been able to keep up,â?? said Suchomel.

If you still need to hit the stores before the big game, please take it slow and drive safe. Before you leave the house be sure to check on the road condition reports available here.