Snow takes the stand as murder trial continues

Ottumwa murder suspect Bobby Joe Snow took the stand in his own defense Friday morning.

Snow told jurors that the punch that killed James McElroy was thrown in self-defense.

Snow was subjected to tough cross-examination from prosecutors, and at one point, Snow indicated that in the east end neighborhood around Coconana's bar and grill his "trademark" was his fist.

The defense then called Clifford Collett Jr. to the stand. Collett was living in the McElroy home at the time of his death. Right now, he's incarcerated so he testified in prison garb and shackles.

Collett's direct testimony seemed to support Snow's version of events. On cross-examination, Collett was presented with the taped interview he gave police the day after McElroy's death.

Collett can be heard telling the interviewing officer that Snow threw one punch at McElroy. Then McElroy's knees buckled and he fell straight back hitting his head on the pavement.

In that version of events, Collett suggests that Snow was the aggressor. As Collett left the courtroom, Snow waved at him and wished him luck.

The defense is expected to resume its case Monday morning.

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