Snowfall brings day of snow fun

Wednesday was the second snow day in a row for Kirksville students, and they were taking full advantage of the freshly fallen snow.

Both kids and adults spent the day sled riding and snowboarding at Rotary Park. The heavy snow-fall made for excellent conditions to sled and enjoy a family day in the park. Sled riding is something that everyone of all ages can enjoy, and the hill at Rotary Park was full of excited riders. The items used to enjoy the day ranged from store bought sleds to snowboards made from plywood. It's a simple activity that allows people to get out, enjoy the weather and embrace their inner sports-man.

"I like being outside, and I like doing sport things, and sledding fits both criteria. It's fun," said Joshua Jewell, a Kirksville resident.

Sled riders at Rotary Park hope to come back this upcoming weekend to have more fun in the snow.