Social Host Ordinance passes in Jefferson County

Itâ??s a community-wide effort to crack down on underage drinking.

With the Social Host Ordinance that passed unanimously by the Jefferson County Supervisors earlier this week, officials are hoping this is just one step in combating the underage drinking epidemic.

The ordinance will go into effect around mid-November and targets adults who have knowledge that underage drinking is happening on their property.

If an adult comes across an underage party happening on their property without any knowledge and takes the appropriate actions to break up the party, then they are not a social host and will not face the consequences.

â??This is a civil penalty so it's not -- you're not being prosecuted criminally. It does not show up as anything constituting a criminal record. That first offense is a $750 fine. Every subsequent offense thereafter is a thousand dollars$1,000.

Dimmitt said the purpose behind the Social Host Ordinance is not to generate revenue.