Solar jobs are shining brightly in the Show-Me state

Solar manufacturers, installers and suppliers added 1,600 jobs in Missouri in 2013.

That's one of the highest growth rates in the country.

The state now ranks 12th in the nation for the number of solar jobs, up from the 20th ranking two years ago.

The 2008 ballot initiative which required the state's utility companies to offer rebates to customers who installed the panels contributed to the job growth.

Solar panels also prove to lower the costs of electric bills.

â??You have no choice about who your electricity provider is. You do have a chance to notice and put up solar panels and produce some or up to all of your own electricity that way,â?? said Renew Missouri Director PJ Wilson.

Kelly's Furniture in Kirksville is just one of the local businesses in the area that's utilizing solar energy.

Renew Missouri and other renewable energy organizations are working to find a way to keep the solar industry's momentum going.