Some Kirksville kids got to hop in a truck

The Kids of Kirksville held a Touch-A-Truck at the Adair County YMCA.

The Touch-A-Truck event took place at the Adair County YMCA Saturday morning.

About 200 kids came out to see the showcase of trucks used in the community.

A cement truck, a John Deer Tractor and the Air Evac Helicopter were there just to name a few.

A few kids and parents told us what was their favorite. One kid said it was the Schwan's Truck because they got ice cream. Another kid said he liked the diesel because it has a bed. One parent said it was really neat for the kids to get up close and personal and learn about it.

The Adair County Ambulance District and the Kirksville Fire Department trucks were also at the event.

The kids even got to honk horns and put on the sirens.

The Kids of Kirksville group were the ones who made this event possible.