Some Kirksville power poles to do disappearing act

UPDATE: Ameren Missouri wanted to clarify some of the information provided to KTVO for the following story.

The power company e-mailed KTVO on Friday morning to let us know that Ameren's quote to do the work related to burying the power lines and removing the utility poles was $105,000.

The additional $15,750 is the estimate from the Kirksville City Engineering Department to do related surveying, easements, bid documents and incidental construction.

City Engineer Ed Ieans confirmed those two figures are correct.

Ameren also told us that the lines will be buried along a five-block section of Franklin Street, from Randolph Drive north to Pierce Street.

Ieans and a spokesman from Truman both confirmed that is the stretch along which the power lines will be buried next year.


Some utility poles and power lines near the Truman State University campus are going to do an expensive disappearing act.

As part of efforts to spruce up Franklin Street, unsightly electrical lines along a three-block stretch from Normal Street south to Randolph Drive are going to be buried.

The goal is to make the area more pleasing to the eye.

Truman State is footing the bill for the work, which is slated to be done next year.

The price tag quoted by Ameren Missouri is $120,750.

A Truman spokesman told KTVO the money will come from the university's Land Acquisition and Development Fund.

The work will be done in conjunction with a two-phase project the city is doing along Franklin Street, replacing sidewalks, installing new lighting and adding new trash cans and park benches.

Representatives from the city and Truman still have to sign an agreement stating the university will pay for the power lines to be buried and the city will foot the bill for the rest of the work using revenue from the Downtown Kirksville TIF Fund.