Sondheim elects new board chairman

The Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts has elected Rob Steinberg as the Chairman of the Board and President of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.

Steinberg has been on the board for the past couple years. Not only is he a business man, but he is also a classically trained pianist.

â??â?¦he understands the art side of the business, but he definitely understands the revenues, and the expenses, and controlling your expenses. And really marketing the facility and marketing your assets,â?? says Executive Director Rustin Lippincott.

Efficiency is something the Sondheim is very proud of. With more than 200 shows performed at the theatre than the previous year, the cost of utilities decreased by $12,000.

With 2011 proving to be one of their most successful years, the Sondheim averaged three shows a day.

It will be hard to match the success this coming year, but Lippincott is confident that it will happen and says that Steinberg is up to the challenge.