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      South 63 Kirksville shopping area is looking good

      One major shopping area in Kirksville is going to continue to see improvements.

      The Board of Directors of the South 63 Corridor Community Improvement District met at Kirksville City Hall Monday to discuss their recent audit report for the Fiscal Year 2012 done as part of the city's audit process. The report was good.

      In the last few months, sidewalks and utility improvements were made in the area and the city is pleased with the improvements so far and is looking forward to more in the future.

      "That whole shopping center on that end of Baltimore is the entrance to Kirksville. So it's important it looks nice and greets people as they come into town , so we are certainly happy to make some improvements to give it some green space along that road in that area to welcome folks into town," said Kirksville Assistant City Manager Melanie Smith.

      The South 63 District is funded by the sales tax from purchases made from the shopping center there to help with public improvements.