Southeast Iowa city reassures residents new water meters are safe for their homes

The City of Fairfield is reassuring residents that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to the new radio-read water meters that are going to be coming to the cityâ??s homes.

At a recent city council meeting, many residents voiced their concerns to the council about the emissions that would be distributed by the meters.

However, Fairfield City Administrator Kevin Flanagan told KTVO that these meters are just like any household appliance when it comes to emissions.

â??It is not illegitimate to be concerned about oneâ??s health and about emission from what is perceived to be very new technology; but there are studies out there as to the lack of harmful effects. You look at cell phone use, refrigerators, microwaves, television, virtually anything that emits or uses electricity is going to emit some sort of emission,â?? said Flanagan.

The city is working to find alternatives for residents who do not want to use the radio-read water meters.

Although, Flanagan admits that more and more cities and counties across the nation are using this type of technology.

â??We are no innovators in this technology. We are more what you call laggards in this technology; not in a negative use, but just in the sense that we are coming along much later in the adoption of the technology then many cities. There are more cities and counties using this technology than not,â?? said Flanagan.

Throughout the next several weeks, Flanagan says the city will be looking into options for residents who do not want to use the new meters.