Southeast Iowa man on the Iowa Sex Offender most wanted list

The Iowa Sex Offender Registry is an online tool that the community can use to find out who, in their community, is a registered sex offender.

The site, operated by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, lists the names of registered sex offenders throughout Iowa. Also included on the site, a most wanted list.

Miguel Elias Ornelas-Soto, 46, of Ottumwa is on the most wanted list. Ornelas-Soto was convicted in 2010 of Indecent Contact with a Child and Lascivious Conduct with a Minor in Buena Vista County. His last known address was in Wapello County. His current whereabouts are unknown.

According to the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, a sex offender is placed on the most wanted page when the offender is in non-compliance with the registry. Also, the offender has an active arrest warrant on file with a law enforcement agency.

A southeast Iowa Sheriffâ??s office told KTVO on Thursday that the state does work with local departments to make sure that offendersâ?? information on the site is correct and up-to-date. However, it is the responsibility of the offender to inform their local sheriff of their whereabouts, being if they have moved, or if they are planning to move.

Those on the registry must check-in with either the DCI and/or their local sheriff according to what the court mandates. The sheriff also has the right to send a deputy to the home of the offender to verify that they are in compliance with the mandate handed down by the court.

Sheriffâ??s departments do not actively search for offenders on the most wanted list; however, their cases remain open until the offender is apprehended.

Offenders on the most wanted list are sometimes turned in by community members through tips submitted and/or through other law enforcement agencies.

All of the information on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry website is public information and is the result of three laws involving crimes against children.