Spanish Chef visits IHCC Culinary Arts Department

The Culinary Arts Department at IHCC has a very special guest gracing their presence for a few weeks.

Chef Fatima Perez Andres is visiting from Spain for three weeks; there she owns her own restaurant.

Chef Perez Andres is bringing Spanish flavor to the kitchen and culture to the students.

â??It's always exciting to be able to bring these chefs and students from Spain, la escuela de con educacional de cocina de donde Paris or â??E.I.C.â?? as they call it in Spain has been phenomenal and many other schools across the country to promote cultural exchanges and so that's why Fatima is here with us,â?? Chef Gordon Rader, IHCC Culinary Arts Director.

The Culinary Arts Department has had several other students and chef visit from abroad. They typically stay for about a month.

Chef Perez Andres said she has enjoyed her time in Iowa so far adding that she has noticed that American cuisine seems to have a lot of pepper used in recipes.