"Spark A Reaction" gains interest with teens

"Spark A Reaction" teen summer reading program still going on at Adair County Public Library.

A Heartland library is still wanting to encourage more and more teens to read for fun.

The Adair County Public Library's "Spark A Reaction" summer reading program is already two weeks in.

Children's librarian Diane Burger says a few teens and tweens have been showing up for the Wednesday morning program. She's hoping that it will continue to build.

This year's theme is science fiction and fantasy literature: how it has changed and grown over the years in books and movies.

"Looking closer at War of the Worlds it was originally a book by H.G. Wells. Orson Welles changed it into a radio program. We're going to have a clip of that. We're going to have a film trailer from the 1953 version of the movie and then the newest version that came out a couple of years ago," Burger said.

The "Spark A Reaction" program is open for ages 10-17 and meets every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

There will also be fun hands-on activities and guest speakers.

On Wednesday, the teens met with Nutritionist Carrie Snyder and made some recipes based off on a few science fiction books.

For more information call the Adair County Public Library at (660) 665-6038 or click here.